Gangster Choppers isn’t just another pretty name company. Gangster Choppers knows where choppers came from, our parents and grandparents were chopping before us and we are proud to carry on the tradition. We aren’t just bolting together catalog bikes like a bunch of companies in the past decade have popped up, chopper this and chopper that.

John Dodson isn’t about compromise, he builds what he wants and holds true to his origins. Look around at the choppers that have rolled out of the shop over the last 14 years. Both national and international magazine features along with T.V. coverage. 

If you’re after a chopper with the soul, heritage, and accurate look of a chopper…then you’ve come to the right place friend.


We are very proud of John Dodson just look for our latest magazine feature in Easyriders Magazine! This latest & greatest from "The Dodson's Garage" shows off 3 generations of Dodson's chopping action. Look for it in the December 2014 issue. If you want a copy email us, if you want it autographed simply request it!  


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