It can be tough sometimes trying to stretch the boundaries of chopper styling and retain a timeless look. This Buell powered chopper had to be different. The market is saturated with Sportster / Buell chopper kits and the conversion scene is lame. This is the story of a Gangster Choppers version of a "conversion".

A customer delivered us an Ebay scored Buell Sportbike and wanted a full blown Gangster style chopper built around the 103 horsepower drivetrain. What came next was a complete disassembling of the Buell, the whole while the trash dumpster got overfilled with plastic and wires! John started scratch building the rigid frame intended just for this project. While sizing up the 200mm rear tire and keeping it perfectly centered an offset drive sprocket with a sealed bearing outer support plate was engineered and machined.

That's just one of many one off parts that went into this build, the upsweep pipes hearken to days past. Traditional style barrel oil tank, forward foot controls, completely one off hand hammered gas tank and rear fender treatment. Gangster Choppers springer handlebars were pulled off the shelf and thrown into the mix.

Check out the Gangster Choppers store for parts to make your chopper special.


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