Customs: Factory Bikes Totally Customized

Harley Davidson builds a great motorcycle platform begging for customizing. There are many advantages to Harley Davidson motorcycles, resale value and both parts and service are easily obtainable. Plus, with all the new laws and restrictions governing Special Construction bikes we would like to remind you where this whole "chopper" thing got started, from taking stock Harley Davidson motorcycles and cutting them up!

Here are a few Harley Davidson motorcycles we’ve customized. On a few the frames have undergone a full rake and stretch job. Easily identifiable as a Harley frame which is what we intended. Easily insurable, still retains stock VIN #'s, retaining or improving resale value. Some bikes shown are raked only. Some are built off stock dimension chassis with custom sheet metal, paint, pipes etc…

Gangster Choppers will gladly take your complete bike or bare frame and chop it. Call the shop toll free at 1-866-640-CHOP to explore the packages.  

Low Down aka Cherry Pie

1981 Harley Davidson

Psycho Train

1999 Harley Davidson




Making My Bones

FXR turned into a Hot Rod Bobber







Shoot First

Dyna turned traditional Bobber

Preacher's Daughter Thumb

Preacher's Daughter

Bare Metal Princess

  Gallery Thumb of F.U. Glide



F.U. Glide

Hardcore bare bones chopper at its best

  Gallery Thumb of Fools Gold

Fools Gold

Jockey shift Shovelhead

  Gallery Thumb of Black & Blue

Black & Blue

Not found at your local dealership


  Gallery Thumb of Toxxic


Twin Cam chopped to the MAX

   Gallery Thumb of Molotov Cocktail  

Molotov Cocktail

The King of Richmond