About Us

Gangster Choppers is a "Family Business" 

Running hard and strong since 1999 faced with uphill battles in the heat of the race for all the "circus" chopper builders to carve a name for themselves the Dodson Family pushed Gangster Choppers steady making a name in building rock solid machines.

When the bad economy hit and most of the "part time" chopper builders bailed out leaving a steaming pile of debt and ripping customers off for 10's of thousands of dollars, the Dodson Family stood strong with values based on integrity and honesty.

Now the Bagger scene is driving the market but John Dodson is pumping out old style iron sculptures that can be blasted up and down the country roads and win shows doing it.

Welcoming guests on appointment only basis, call us or drop an email if you want a real custom one-off machine loaded with Gangster touches. John still takes in selective bikes for full tilt customizing.