F.U. Glide

In 2006 John Dodson realized like he often does that he done sold all his bikes and didn't have anything to ride. So May was creeping up and riding customers bikes and shop bikes wasnt cutting it. when you want to throw down on a bike you need your own personal war wagon. So John and a helper Patrick went over to a storage unit where John had 4 FXR's sitting and they rolled all four out and assesd the one that had the most potential. This is the one they loaded and drug back t the shop. Nine days later the bike was a hot rod. frame raked, motor rebuilt, s&s carb, dyna ignition, handmade pipes, 6 speed gear set, bdl 3" primary, Harley davidson solid cast rear wheel, GMA stopping power, handformed rear fender, gas tank. what ever is in paint was what wasnt disturbed when the choppin action was goin on. Way before Rat Rods make due items like an oxegen tank cap was used for the fuel cap. This bike paved the way for Gangster's ongoing technique of fuel crossover delivery that has been copied by wanna be builders who have paid no dues.