Making My Bones

Going to New York City where it all counts is where this machine went. Gangster Choppers had built FXR's as cruisers, club bikes, stunt bikes, choppers, drag bike and to mix things up this one took an antique vintage approach in style. Very ridable and again like other gangster bikes lending its self to future changes. want shocks? add them. Want the front end swapped? bolt on a 39mm, 41mm, 49mm and keep on cruising. But as the vision was carried out the tricks like leaf springer, start hub, old ribbed style tire, knucklehead bars, was thrown in. what was sourced out was the best parts availbale to the custom industry, HHI brakes, HHI foot controls, BDL 3" primary. Just look at the machine work on the belt guard and motor mounts.