Psycho Train

What do you do with a piece of junk Harley Davidson Softail that only rubs ride and chopper jockeys give no respect to? Chop it up make it a few degrees cooler? Add a little hardcore-ness? A little Gangsterizing. Built to the hilt from the OEM factory supplied cases the motor is a power house. Again the factory transmission case was stuffed with Baker Drivetrain 6 speed gear set. Then the factory frame was untouched and items like hand made gas tank was produced to fit it! See a theme here? OEM front end, OEM wheel assemblies, OEM oil tank all tricked up with AN hoses and side mount filter tail light combo a part right out of the gangster catlog! Keeping it clean and honoring tradition is what will keep this bike timeless and just as intriguing to study 40 years from now as it was the night Gangster Choppers hosted its unveil party at 216 Belt Blvd in the Capital of the Confederate States of America: Richmond, Virginia.