Red, White & Blue

This bike was delivered to the Gangster Choppers Global Headquarters in the 8' bed of a Ford Super Duty truck! The owner wanted it bright in color and speced out billet style wheels and John jumped up and down saying if it had to be billet then a timless style had to be chosen. There was talk the bike would occupy a space in a pool room or game room and be shown a few times. But John building a rider knew his name was on producing a bike that would perform. Slick Panhead 80" built personally by John, Morris Magneto fired, STD heads, polished and chromed to the max. Is THIS the 2006 twist on Captain America? Maybe every chopper has been since the movie debuted in 1969, I dont know. One thing for sure I can see myself jumping state lines on this bulletproof machine. 80" Pan, Baker 6 speed, just fat enough 200mm rear tire.